Life On Mission

One of our shared responsibilities at The Crossing is SERVING the Church.  When we volunteer to serve in a ministry and extend a hand to those in need, we model the heart of Jesus Christ.

Each ministry area is made up of several different Volunteer Teams who serve on Sundays and during the week.  Browse the current opportunities for the area in which you feel the Lord is leading you to serve.  We will put you in touch with that ministry leader, who will contact you to discuss how you can begin serving..

This year for Operation Christmas Child, we would like to make more fishing and sewing kits for our pre-made boxes.  We need to collect the following items to make that happen.  If you have any lying around the house, please drop them off at the welcome desks on Sunday mornings.

  • Corks
  • Empty clean prescription bottles with no labels
  • Altoid breath mint type boxes
  • New T-shirts of any kind

We will have 3 options this year with the shoeboxes:

  • Empty Box: You can pick up an empty box, take it home, shop and fill it with your family, then bring it back along with $10 for shipping.
  • Pre-Made Box: For a donation of $10 we will supply you with a pre-made pack of items.  You take the items and the empty box home and fill it with your family.  Then you bring it back along with $10 for shipping.
  • Sponsor a Box: For a donation of $20 you can sponsor a box that is ready-made and full. Your donation of $20 covers the shoebox gifts and shipping.

If you like, you can also donate money towards Operation Christmas Child.  Click here to be taken to our online giving portal and choose "Operation Christmas Child" from the drop-down menu.

Titus 2 Communities
We provide sober living housing in a supportive, Christ-centered environment.  Our goal is to help men and women suffering from the terrible fallout of drug and alcohol addiction to stay on their journey of sobriety and to know Jesus Christ.  We have opened our first two homes in Parker County, Texas, one for women and one for men.  We are in the very early stages of our launch, but we are excited to see what God has in store.
Titus 2 Communities

Grace House Ministries
Believing life is sacred, begins at conception, originates, and ends by God's determination.  Grace House Ministries engages the community with an integrated approach to offer life-affirming support and resources through services provided by Options Clinic, Grace House Pregnancy Center, and the Pure Truth in-school training program.
Grace House Ministries

Beautiful Feet Ministries
The mission of Beautiful Feet is to share the love of Christ by reaching out to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor and homeless in Ft. Worth.

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"
Romans 10:15
Beautiful Feet

Center Of Hope
In Christ-like service, equipping and empowering people to live a successful, joy-filled life.

The programs at the Center of Hope offer real solutions out of poverty by providing long-term holistic approaches.  These solutions lead individuals to a path of economic independence and improved quality of life.

We have collaborated with over 70 churches, 50 businesses, and countless individuals who all play an integral part in providing solutions to meet the needs of struggling individuals in our community.
East Parker County Center of Hope

Elizabeth's Voice
EV fights poverty and injustices in this world with dignified jobs and education.  Our beautiful handmade products give dignified work to women around the world.  100% of the profits get reinvested back into the business to keep the women working!

Refugee Ministry
The Refugee Ministry supports families that have been invited to the US to escape war-torn areas from around the world. 

They have many needs when they arrive, and this ministry helps to provide many essentials such as clothing, household goods, as well as teaching English and tutoring programs.  The goal is to show the love of God to others through developing relationships and meeting physical needs.

Safe Harbor 


Peru – Zona Zegura
We are partners with a ministry in Cusco, Peru, which is called Zona Zegura.  The mission of Zona Zegura is to raise up fervent followers of Jesus Christ who will reach out and impact communities, cities, and nations for the kingdom of God.  We are sons and daughters of the Most High God, the Creator of the universe.  We are a family.  We were bought at a price and therefore know we are loved, and we are accepted.  We are disciples who worship, lead, and reach out.  Our passion is to see others join the Zona Zegura family and experience the overwhelming love, grace, and hope Jesus Christ has to offer.

House churches meet in multiple locations in and around Cusco, Peru. These churches are passionate about friends, family, life, following Jesus, and making a positive difference in our world.

Portugal – Camp Gridiron Football Camp
Camp Gridiron is an American football camp held in Portugal.  CG is where players and coaches from teams across Europe come together to learn and play the game.  Church at the Crossing launched this ministry back in 2010, and the participation has grown significantly over the years.  While American football serves as the draw to gather men, women, and children to the field, this ministry's main purpose is to share the love of Christ with all who come.  Many have come to know Christ after hearing of His great love for them.

Vancouver, BC Canada – Church on the Rock
One of our North American mission partners is Church on the Rock (COTR in Vancouver, Canada). The journey of COTR began in 2010 and continues to move forward as the Lord leads. Their desire has always been to see people come to know Jesus Christ as Lord, be discipled into a deeper relationship with Him, develop as a leader, and understand that God has given them talents and abilities to be used for His glory within the church and the community. In so doing, the goal is to serve, with no strings attached, to the glory of God and impact our neighborhoods and communities one life at a time. The Crossing has partnered with COTR by participating in youth mission trips and ongoing ministry support of their missional discipleship process. 

Cambodia – Bridge to Heaven ministry
What started back in 2010 was an awakening in Aledo to the plight of the people in Cambodia and ultimately an assignment to the Church at the Crossing. Church members Kyle Y and Amy Bing, both born in Cambodia, escaped to the U.S. after Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime destroyed their families and left them fleeing the country. God used their lives and Kyle's story to get our church's attention and start us on a journey. This has resulted in dozens of mission trips, teaching conferences for their pastors, and supporting the monthly needs of over 25 gospel-centric churches where Buddhism and spiritual darkness fill the land. In 2019 our church sent Kyle and Amy to return to Cambodia as full-time missionaries to love their people and lead them to Jesus.

Africa – African Encore (Senegal)
Steve and Anne Seaberry served as missionaries and raised a family in Senegal, Africa, over 30 years ago. They spent 15 years during their first assignment, and now God has called them back to serve again in the country they loved and left so many years ago. Hence the ministry name "African Encore." In early 2020, Steve was hired to serve as the Head Chaplain for the Dakar Academy, a private school for students of missionaries and ex-pats. Dakar Academy was established in 1961 by United World Mission to serve the educational needs of missionary families living and working in Senegal and other parts of West Africa. Anne has been busy finding ways that God will use her educational background and heart for loving kids and their families.

African Encore Facebook Page
Dakar Academy



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